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A-formet/Prinsesse Stroppløs Ermeløs Kjoleslep Chiffong Kjoler med Perler

Salgs Pris: kr 1 273

Market Pris: kr 7 538

(84% AVSLAG)

* Obligatoriske felt

A-formet/Prinsesse Stroppløs Ermeløs Kjoleslep Chiffong Kjoler med Perler

Produktkode 40485
Arstid Vår,Sommer,Høst,Vinter
Materiale Chiffong
Halsutskjæring Stroppløs
Silhuett A-formet/Prinsesse
Armlengde Ermeløs
Utsmykning Perler
Midje Empire
Rygg Glidlås
Hemline/Tog Kjoleslep
Vist Farge Syrin
Pakkevekt 1500.0000
Skreddertid:8-12 dager Enten du velger en standard størrelse eller egendefinerte mål, våre skred lage hver kjole på bestilling. Frakttid:3-8 dager Din kjole vil være ferdig skreddersøm på rundt 12-15 dager. Da vil vi sende den ut via UPS / DHL / TNT / Fedex.

Dette produktet er Laget-På-Bestilling. Enten du velger en standardstørrelse eller tilpassede målinger, lager våre skreddersy hver kjole etter bestilling.

Den tidligste ankomstdatoen er 08/10/2020 dersom ordren er registrert i dag.

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  2. A-formet/Prinsesse Høy Hals Gulvlengde Tyll  Ballkjoler med Perler

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  3. Ballkjole Ermeløs Juvel Sateng Gulvlengde Kjoler

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  6. A-formet/Prinsesse V-hals Kjoleslep Blonder Ermeløs Tyll Brudekjoler

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  1. A-Linje/Prinsesse Øse Ermeløs Applikasjoner Kjoleslep Chiffong Kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 235

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  2. A-formet/Prinsesse Ren Hals Lange ermer Blonder Gulvlengde Chiffong Kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 273

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    Salgs Pris: kr 1 530

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  4. Ballkjole Ermeløs Båthals Kort slep Tyll Brudekjoler med Applikasjoner

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 843

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  5. A-formet/Prinsesse Grime Kort/Mini Tyll Kjoler med Perler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 188

    Market Pris: kr 4 332

  6. Trompet/Havfrue Høy Hals Satin Kjoleslep Kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 435

    Market Pris: kr 6 612



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I ordered my dress custom made. The dress is amazing, fits great, it is very beautiful.Service was great though, I received it within 3 weeks, which was great.




After dress shopping and trying to hunt down that bargain and still realizing I would be spending a fortune, I started shopping around on the web. I tried some dresses on but couldn't find a style or price that I could say yes too. I love maxi dresses in the summer and fell in love with this photo. I was nervous about making a purchase without trying it on, but when you know...you know! I received my dress the other day and screamed from my excitement! The quality is impeccable! The fit was perfect! The beads sparkle and the dress looks so much more expensive than I imagined. The train is the right length and the material creates this magical flowy princess feel without the poof of those cupcake dresses. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! And the price is unbelievable! Don't hesitate to buy! The dress only took 3 weeks to arrive and the quality was surprising but in a good way. :)




Very nice dress took awhile to get it but I kept in contact and they responded very well.




I ordered this dress for my friends wedding, I was looking for something that might look good on me. The dress came with in the time frame they gave me and I was so pleased when I took it out of the box. It it beautiful and HEAVY no cheap fabric on this thing! I will for sure get more dresses from them they are VERY good quality!




I wanted a reception dress so that I could move around freely and this one was the one that caught my eye! It came right on time and very nicely packaged and with a garment bag. I forgot that wedding dresses run a little small and this one was about an inch too small but I am not a fan of zippers anyway and will be taking it to get a corset back altered in instead. Can't wait to wear it! It is beautiful in person!




The website is very user friendly and attractive. Everything is priced VERY reasonably. The quality of the merchandise I purchased, was very good and not cheap. Items were processed and sent out for shipping quickly. Shopping at milanoo was a very pleasing experience which I will very likely do again, and would recommend to others as well.

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1.Vennligst last opp bilder du har på deg på kjolen etter bestilling.

2.Hvis bildene dine er godkjent, vil de være live på nettstedet. Og du får en kr100 belønning via Paypal innen 1-7 virkedager.

3.Forklaringen og rettigheten til å bruke bildene vil være endelig i MissyDress.no.